Creative Optimization For LinkedIn Demonstrates Powerful Performance

The loss of data means creatives will need to compensate for lost insights. Microsoft’s business-to-business social platform LinkedIn, and media and marketing service provider Theorem have expanded their partnership to offer a Creative Optimization package.

Theorem’s platform enables brands to audit and optimize their digital channels and social posts to achieve better performance.

Creative optimization -- which Google estimates drives the majority of the results -- allows advertisers to optimize the performance of their ads using real-time technology. 

Theorem has been a certified LinkedIn Marketing Partner since 2018. The company provides brands with a suite of digital solutions such as custom creative services packages with content audits, original copy and design and A/B testing.



Theorem also led on original design and development for landing pages, microsites, programmatic ad design, messages and display ads.

The four-step process includes sharing brand assets with Theorem, gaining new insights on content, messaging and creative; and working with the creative team to develop original and branded campaign assets. The final step optimizes performance to drive higher results on LinkedIn.

Theorem recently worked with American Systems on a LinkedIn campaign implementing their Creative Optimization services. Within two months, one campaign drew more than 1.5 million impressions, more than 9,000 clicks, and an average click-through rate of 0.60% -- outperforming benchmarks, according to LinkedIn. 

The LinkedIn partnership is important because Theorem helps companies perform better on social media channels by creating tailoring templates and testing strategies. Not only does Theorem help brands with engagement and conversions, but also helps the company tell a better brand story to its audiences. 

Theorem's creative content audit analyzes the brand’s digital ecosystem across media. It observes brands' social channels, websites, display and email marketing campaigns. It aims to help brands develop unique brand and competitor insights that can influence a marketer’s omnichannel experience.

In addition to static images, Theorem works on animated assets for brands such as J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan used these animated assets as a part of its brand lift study, contributing to insights on how J.P. Morgan's audience perceived its solutions.

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