SMBs Offered Access To Real-Time Email Content Tool

Dynamic email may seem beyond the reach of small businesses, but a vendor named Alterable is offering access to the capability.  

SMBs can change emails after they’ve sent them to gain real-time content personalization by using Alterable’s email marketing SaaS, the firm says.  

“Apart from large corporations, it turns out that not many businesses use real-time content, even in 2021,” states Matthieu Fauveau, the founder of Alterable.

Calling this “the last frontier in email marketing,” Fauveau claims that clients can integrate Alterable to access “the services they need for creating their real-time content blocks, such as countdown timers, local maps, dynamic images, and products.”

In addition, more seasoned developers can utilize Alterable API for further integration.



Real-time content is useful to daily deal websites, marketers, publishers and other email senders, the company says. 

For instance, a daily deal website can promote a sale event by placing a countdown timer in an email to promote a sale event --  or a retailer can provide a map of the nearest brick and mortar locations. And an e-commerce site can display the most relevant products in emails, it adds. 

Alterable’s SaaS tool can be used with all the major ESPs, the firm says. 

Moreover, SMBs, businesses can leverage data the instant an email is opened, including local time, recipient’s location, device, and other metadata, Alterable says.


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