MessageGears Forms Integration With Phrasee, Enabling Clients To Use Language Tool

Customer marketing firm MessageGears has formed an integration with Phrasee, the brand language company, that enables MessageGears clients to use Phrasee to generate, automate and analyze brand-enhancing language in emails. 

The goal is to help clients “increase the chances that marketing messages will be read,” says Craig Pohan, chief technology officer at MessageGears. 

Phrasee says it improves the language brands use across the customer journey through its AI-powered SaaS platform, which analyzes language in real-time. 

The MessageGears arrangement enables clients to use Phrasee within the MessageGears tool. 

The arrangement is helping one joint client, Party City, to “test out the most compelling subject lines,” states Alisa Stewart, senior director of acquisition, CRM and loyalty at Party City. “This insight helps us to drive an even more engaging and tailored interaction with customers.”



The result is a boost in online sales, and increase in store footfall, Stewart says. 

Rakuten Rewards has also seen an uplift in its email and push campaigns, the firms say.

“We know that marketers are increasing the number of messages they’re sending and that the return on investment for email marketing messages is extremely high,” Pohan argues. “Therefore, it benefits marketers to do what they can to increase the chances that marketing messages will be read.” 

Phrasee recently also formed an integration with email personalization platform Liveclicker.


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