LG, Clinch Team To Offer CTV Dynamic Creative Optimization

LG Ads Solutions and AI-driven personalization company Clinch have partnered to offer dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in connected TV campaigns run on LG smart TVs, currently in 120 million households worldwide.

Clinch is adding creative automation, ad delivery, distribution and creative optimization at scale to the LG network’s targeting and custom segmentation capabilities, according to the companies.

Dynamic creative features such as contextual or viewer-driven product selection and messaging are powered by data from LG Ads Solutions’ automatic content recognition (ACR) technology.

The data-driven creative can incorporate dynamic elements including product or location feeds, and event triggers such as weather and game scores.

Clinch’s decisioning engine uses machine learning algorithms to derive engagement data from each impression that can be analyzed and converted into insights that can be used to optimize CTV campaigns in real time, according to the company.

For example, creative for a quick-service-restaurant campaign could be dynamically updated to include the location of the nearest restaurant to the viewer.

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