Litmus Offers A New Email Personalization Engine

Litmus has debuted a tool that it says will help brands provide personalized experiences via email and do so more efficiently.  

The new offering, Litmus Personalize, is powered by Kickdynamic, a dynamic content solution acquired by Litmus late in 2021. It allows users to send personalized, AI-driven emails while improving engagement.  

The goal with Litmus Personalize is to help email teams create “data-infused, subscriber-led dynamic content for their customers,” states Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus.  

Litmus found in its 2021 State of Email study that over 40% of companies plan to spend more on email marketing and that roughly half are boosting personalization. But 71% of consumers are frustrated by impersonal experiences. 

Litmus Personalize can help by extracting the latest data from CRMs, product feeds and other data sources to automate email content creation from one HTML tag, the firm claims. 

In addition, it provides email performance indicators and suggestions for follow-up actions.  And, brands can sync their emails for ESPs, choosing among folders for SFMC, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Mailchimp, using the enhanced ESP Sync enhancements. 

Litmus is also offering a redesigned Analyze dashboard view. 

Kickdynamic helps marketers connect sources, including product feeds and catalogs. This enables them to create dynamic content templates that are embedded in an email’s code. 

One Litmus client is Arizona State University. 

"The addition of Email Performance Indicators makes it even easier to quickly and easily see which emails might need attention and take action with the suggested next steps,” states noted Aubrey Badger, associate director of performance marketing at Arizona State University.



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