Phrasee Upgrades AI To Help Brands Automate Personalized Email Language

Brand language firm Phrasee has enhanced its AI technology to help companies personalize the language customers receive in real-time, the company says. 

Phrasee says the service ensures that each customer will receive messaging designed to resonate with their individual profiles.

“Every customer will react differently to the language used in marketing messages, so it is critical that brands respond to these needs and create messaging that resonates across all customer interactions,” said Matt Simmonds, chief product and technology officer at Phrasee.

The company creates “a unique language profile for each customer, built on first-party data,” Simmonds adds. 

According to Phrasee, users can create automated “set-and-forget” campaigns, maintain the brand’s tone of voice and track results.  



Ecommerce firm Currys says that Phrasee has helped it add millions in revenue to its business. 

“Phrasee has generated and optimized on-brand marketing messages that have connected Currys with our customers in a meaningful way,” says Saul Lopes, head of CRM, personalization & loyalty at Currys. 

Walgreens also claims it has achieved good results with Phrasee. The technology has allowed it to “strike the right chord with the language we use in our email campaigns, based on feedback from our quarterly reports,” states Brian Tyrrell, senior director, customer marketing platforms, CRM, Walgreens. “We have seen this result in a 30 percent boost in engagement”

In January, customer marketing firm MessageGears formed an integration with Phrasee that it say enables MessageGears clients to use Phrasee to generate, automate and analyze brand-enhancing language in emails. 


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