Investment Group Acquires Majority Interest In Phrasee

Private equity fund manager capital D has acquired a 64% stake in Phrasee, a language-generation platform that uses AI to provide safe brand language for use in e-mail, SMS, web and social media campaigns.

Also participating are investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, a group formed by Keyhaven Capital Partners and family offices. The remainder of the stock will be held by the founders and management.

The investment will allow Phrasee to continue its expansion in the U.S., which already supplies more than 60% of its sales. 

Some observers have wondered if technology like Phrasee’s will supplant copywriters and other creatives. Indeed, Phrasee says it plans to “continue disrupting the way companies communicate with and market to customers across all their digital channels,” says Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee. 

Phrasee was founded in London in 2015. 



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