Comcast's Ad Sales Unit Effectv Inks Local TV 'Currency' Deal With Comscore

Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, has extend a deal with Comscore's local TV measurement product to be a “new form of currency” for Comcast’s local cable TV advertising deals.

With the deal, Effectv will use Comscore’s audience impression-based measurement product for local advertising clients.

This follows up on a deal Comcast made with Comscore two years ago to integrate de-identified Comcast set-top-box cable TV viewing data into Comscore’s local and national measurement services. Comcast Cable is the largest U.S. cable system operator with 18.2 million subscribers at the end of 2021.

In 2021, local cable TV advertising revenue at Comcast Cable was up 8.7% to $2.8 billion over the previous year.

Concerning its relationship with Nielsen, a Comcast representative tells Television News Daily:



"Nielsen continues as a measurement partner of Effectv. Today’s news isn’t about selecting Comscore as Effectv’s one and only measurement currency provider. From a macro/industry perspective, we want to be able to support buyers who want to use Comscore as their preferred measurement provider."

Comscore has made made similar deals with other media organizations -- including Paramount, Fox Corporation, WarnerMedia, Discovery, Disney, Spectrum Reach and OpenAP -- that have added Comscore as a “currency” for doing business with TV advertisers.

This also includes sister Comcast Corp company NBCUniversal, the TV/movie/media company that has anointed Comscore as its local TV market currency for its NBC owned-and-operated stations, and its Telemundo stations.

Effectv sells TV and digital media advertising time to local, regional and national marketers in in 66 markets with nearly 35 million owned and represented subscribers.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, April 13, 2022 at 9:19 a.m.

    Wayne, I'm not pinning this on you, but the idea that "impressions" is a new form of "currency"---instead of GRPs----is patently absurd as both mean exactly the same thing. Futrhermore the claim that "impressions" allows local market TV time sellers to offer comparable metrics with digital buys is also absurd.  In addition to the obvious fact---based on plenty of research---that the  number of people who actually watch---or read---ads is far smaller than what "impressions" tell you, in the case of local TV, these are calculated on a quarter hour total audience basis---not average commercial minute---and people who zap commercials are not excluded. In contrast, digital video "impressions" are calculated based on the ad message being on-screen for at least two seconds when "100% vieawbility"is used. In short, they are not comparable with TV "impressions".

    As for "impression based measurement" this is nonsense. "Impresssions" are merely one way that "audience" is reported---not measured. The other way is in percentages---ratings.

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