HR Firm SHRM Expands Email Use To Reach At-Home Workers

SHRM, a firm that serves HR professionals, faced a challenge as its audience shifted to working at home: How to better communicate with them while growing the audience.

The firm asked content engine Anteriad for help.  

“As our core audience shifted to remote work, we turned to Anteriad to create an email-focused B2B marketing approach that could carry us forward,” says Yancey Burgess, manager, marketing audience segment at SHRM.  “We understood the importance of making sure our offline and online channels had a cohesive strategy.”

After reviewing the situation, Anteriad advised SHRM to rethink its email program, provide more relevant content on HR during the pandemic and beyond,  including input on COVID-19 and remote work, increase its email volume to drive new leads and engage them. This would be done using Anteriad’s content engine and analytics. Together, they devised a new plan. 



“We used a targeted approach for SHRM that leaned on the one constant in our business world, email,” explains Patrick Butler, vice president client strategy at Anteriad, explains. 

The program “allowed us to speak to our core HR Professional across multiple channels, while also identifying new audiences that were outside our core offline audience,” Butler adds.  

That wasn’t the only achievement: the effort also increased the firm’s return on advertising spend (ROAS) by 4X. 


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