Email Is The Leading Tool In Identity Management: Study

Email is not only a key marketing channel -- it is also the most important tool in obtaining application permissions and entitlements within companies, judging by the Identity Management Survey, a study by Gradient Flow, sponsored by ClearSkye. 

Of the firms polled, 50% use email to govern access and permissions, with 54% of IT staff saying they do so, and 44% in non-IT job functions following suit. 

Second on this list -- and utilized by 47% overall -- are ITSM/Workforce management platforms. 

In addition, email is used for permissions at 44% of large companies, 47% of medium-sized ones and 57% of small businesses.

In contrast, ITSM/Workforce management platforms are used by 55% of large entities, 51% of medium-sized outfits and 38% of small firms. 



The smaller firms surveyed are more likely to use Google’s platform and tools, while larger firms cite Microsoft 365 at a higher rate. 

Of respondents at large companies, 35% says their firm uses ServiceNow. In addition, 28% in IT uses more than 10 SaaS or on-premise application each week, versus 20 in non-IT roles. 

Overall, two-thirds use AI and machine learning to improve identity management. 

Gradient Flow surveyed 514 respondents in February/March 2022. Of those, 62% hold job functions in Information Technology and 25% work in the Computer Software industry. 

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