Nielsen's The Gauge: Streaming Viewing Rises In April, Overall TV Viewing Down

Amidst an overall 2.1% TV viewing decline in April from the previous month, streaming TV viewing inched up to a 30.4% share in total day viewing for persons two years and older viewing, according to Nielsen’s The Gauge measure.

Streaming share was at 29.7% in March. The increase was partly driven by HBO Max, which has a 1% share -- now as a separate listing among other major streaming platforms.

Streaming has now grown more than four share percentage points from a 26% share when The Gauge debuted in May 2021.

Broadcast TV declined to a 24.7% share -- down 0.2% share points from March. There was a 15% drop in broadcast drama viewing.

Nielsen says there was also a 38% drop in sports viewing on broadcast.

Cable maintained its overall lead with a 36.8% share -- down 0.2 share points from March. While sports viewing on cable was up 17% from March, cable news viewing posted a 16.9% decline.



Since May 2021, cable has fallen over two percentage points -- from a leading 39% share.

Looking at individual streaming platforms, Netflix showed no change in its share month-to-month with a 6.6% share, while YouTube came in at 6.1% (from 6.0% in March) followed by Hulu, flat at 3.3%; Amazon Prime Video, up to 2.5% (2.3%); and Disney+, down 1.7% (1.8%).

The “other streaming" category is now at a collective 8.2% share. Although it is down 0.2 share percentage points from March, year-over-year it has grown 2.0 share percentage points since The Gauge debuted with May 2021 data.

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