Startup Teams With WhatsApp, Offers Tools To Help SMBs Hyper-Personalize Emails

Engagement startup Factoreal is offering a tool that it says will allow small and medium-sized businesses to place hyper-personalized content into email campaigns.

The feature allows a firm to send a general email to a mass audience containing content that only a few consumers could see — for example, local promotions. 

The goal is to help brands create “multiple email variations without the hassle of creating multiple campaigns,” says Factoreal CEO Aditya Dhruva.

Dhruva adds that “most email platforms penalize businesses for understanding their customers and make segmentation a long, complicated process.”

Users of the new Factoreal feature can personalize content blocks to align with a segment’s interests or pain points, the company claims. 

In a related development, Factoreal has teamed up with WhatsApp to offer WhatsApp for Commerce, a tool that it claims will allows brands to better connect with over 2 billion users on WhatsApp. 

The feature allows businesses to automatically share single or multi-product replies containing up to a selection of 30 items from their integrated Facebook business inventory, the company says. 

With funding from the Mahindra group, Factoreal has set for itself the goal of helping SMBs compete with larger enterprises by deploying automation and personalization, the company says. 

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