Addendum: ANA Removes 'Ad Fraud' Analysis, Kills Link

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) removed an article published on its blog and in its Marketing 360 newsletter, which projected various forms of digital ad fraud would cost advertisers as much as $120 billion this year in wasted media buys.

The ANA killed a link to the article, which was written by ANA Senior Manager of Research and Innovation Josch Chodakowsky, and was based on analysis of studies published by other organizations, including The Atlantic, Forbes, and HubSpot.

“We removed the blog post because upon closer review we discovered that the numbers cited in the referenced report, although mentioned in the 2022 Forbes article, were actually findings from a 2019 report,” an ANA spokesperson explained, adding: “We decided we did not want to include projections from four years ago because we felt they did not properly reflect the current situation regarding ad fraud. As a result, we decided to pull the blog post and newsletter item from our website.”

MediaPost has removed the ANA’s now dead link from an article ("ANA Analysis: Ad Fraud Tops $100B Annually") that we published covering its analysis.



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