Jebbit Debuts New Zero-Party Data Tools

Zero-party data platform Jebbit has added several features to help ecommerce brands create what it says are more engaging customer interactions.   

One is Jebbit Custom Domains, a tool that allows brands to create their own custom domains, or URLS, without code, from Jebbit’s Zero-Party Data Platform.  

Jebbit experiences are thus hosted by the brand’s own domain, enabling first-party cookie tracking, the company says. 

Jebbit Custom Domains eliminates "that third-party feeling when collecting customer data," says Sarah Fish, senior manager, acquisition marketing at Samsonite. 

Fish adds that this has helped the company build out its first-party data strategy as well as "leverage all the marketing tools at our fingertips to maximize how we interact with our customers online."

Jebbit is also offering these new solutions: 

  • Jebbit Hotspots -- An online visual lookbooks tool that allows shoppers to hover over or click on Hotspots to obtain more information on products featured within images within Jebbit quizzes and experiences. 
  • Jebbit’s Lightbox allows users to collect data and welcome visitors to a brand’s site by greeting visitors based on their needs and interests. 
  • Product Carousel -- gives shoppers the ability to scroll as they shop, seems like a carousel ride—depending on their device, they can scroll or swipe to view other products. 

“White labeling the Jebbit experience links is something that enterprise clients care about,” states Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn. “If the quizzes and experiences that our clients create look and feel like ‘their brand’—so should their domain URLs.” 

The goal is to help brands provide "an even higher-touch, more personalized shopping experience that will strengthen the bonds between brands and their online shoppers,” Coburn adds. 




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