Omnicom Media Group, Kroger Strike 'Early-Adopter' Alliance

In May Omnicom Media Group launched what it’s calling the Supply Chain IQ Score, which it said was the industry’s first supply-chain based media activation tool, in partnership with Crisp, an open retail data platform.

Now the company has announced an agreement with Kroger Precision Marketing that it says will greatly enhance the capabilities of that supply chain tool. KPM is the Kroger retail media network powered by 84.51°.

It’s no secret that the supply chain crisis is not fading away as the pandemic subsides. With inventory challenges becoming the new normal, marketers need the ability to quickly adjust their media spend to product availability without negatively impacting performance.



Which is what the IQ tool is designed to provide.

Under the new agreement, Kroger will feed store-level inventory data to the holding company’s data platform Omni to facilitate quicker pivots by client planning and buying teams.

Omni will have access to product availability across Kroger’s 2,700 stories in 35 states, as well as fulfillment rates from ecommerce orders and so-called “market basket insights” around items purchased together and substituted.

"The combination of Kroger's reach - 50% of US households– and the greater depth of visibility that its unique inventory data enables adds scale and utility to the Supply Chain IQ Score," says Omnicom Media Group Chief Activation Officer Megan Pagliuca.”  

Omni’s access to Kroger inventory is just phase one in what the partners say is a broader collaboration that will deliver “early-adopter opportunities” to Omnicom clients.

It’s been a busy week for Omnicom Media Group at the Cannes Lions Festival, where the Kroger deal was unveiled today. Earlier in the week at the Festival it announced partnerships with Instacart and Walmart Connect.

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