Omnicom Media Group, Retail Network Walmart Connect Announce Partnership

Retail media network Walmart Connect today announced a strategic partnership with Omnicom Media Group. The announcement came at the Cannes Lions Festival and marks the first such agreement between Walmart Connect and an agency holding company.

Walmart Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Seth Dallaire said, “As marketers prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies, we’re building a platform and ecosystem that leverages the scale of Walmart’s first-party data and strong customer relationships to help them deliver strong ROI in an increasingly fragmented environment.” 

Omnicom said the partnership delivers an array of strategic and commercial benefits to Omnicom clients, including enabling cross-screen planning against Walmart audiences in Omni the holding company’s demand-side data operating system that supports all Omnicom agencies. 



Planners can identify the domains, apps and screens with the most effective reach and cost for Walmart audiences. And using the Omni ID database they can also push advertiser’s first-party data to the Walmart DSP where it combines with Walmart audiences. 

“By optimizing supply paths as well as inventory planning on the Walmart DSP and within Omni, this strategic alliance with Walmart Connect and Omnicom translates to increased investment efficiency and effectiveness for our clients,” says Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom Media Group North America.


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