Iterable Offers New AI Suite For Identifying Shoppers Likely To Convert

Iterable is offering a new AI product designed to make it easier for brands to find likely buyers. 

The new tool, AI Optimization Suite, help users “understand what actions drive results and build better, individualized communications to support those activities,” the firm’s Bela Stepanova writes in a blog post. 

Predictive Goals builds a forecast of how likely customers are to convert. Marketers can create “customized, intelligent customer segments and tailor messaging based on conversion-maximizing analyses,”  

The tool relies on data science to help users “pick what actions and business outcomes you want to predict based on your own data and use case,” Stepanova adds.

The firm offers this use case: An online retailer, seeking to drive incremental purchases and increase lifetime value, has launched a new handbag line. 

Using Predictive Goals, the team can create “a custom event to build a list of users most likely to purchase a tote within the next 30 days,” Stepanova says.

The result? “When their prediction is ready, they can select the highest propensity users to enter a Handbag Journey that includes specialized cross-channel messaging introducing the handbag line and encouraging purchases,” Stepanova writes.


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