Searchspring Works With Klaviyo To Launch Email Recommendation Tool

Searchspring, a firm that assists brands with site search, merchandising and ecommerce personalization, has added an email tool to its Personalization Suite. 

The new offering, Email Recommendations, allows ecommerce firms to send tailored emails to shoppers based on behavioral data.

The goal is to help merchants “make product discovery easier and truly weave personalization throughout the shopper’s lifecycle, delivering tailored, well-timed recommendations that increase cart size, revenue, and customer loyalty.”

The product is being launched through an integration with Klaviyo, a unified customer platform.

Klaviyo recently formed a strategic partnership with Shopify, a Searchspring platform partner. Searchspring’s personalization algorithm makes recommendations based on shopper intent after the person visits a site.



Klaviyo provides a flow and email template.

“A customer’s purchase journey is not one size fits all,” says Chathri Ali, Director, Technology Partnerships at Klaviyo. “With this integration, brands can now use historical onsite search data to provide tailored product recommendations – increasing conversion, customer loyalty -- and ultimately, revenue.”

At launch, Personalized Email Recommendations works on shopping cart platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Other integrations are planned. 

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