Ram Truck Focuses On Its Expanding Customer Base

The Ram Truck brand is launching a campaign featuring an array of customers as the brand sees more truck buyers switching to Ram.

The multichannel effort features “Moments,” a 30-second spot from Chicago-based Highdive that includes some light humor and a new voiceover.

The spot shows customers, including families, using the truck in activities like father-son bonding, tailgating and going to the carnival.

As more truck owners are switching to the Stellantis brand, the campaign aims to bring the claim to life in a fun, memorable way, atypical of what consumers typically see in the truck category, but still very much “Ram,” says Ram Truck advertising head Jeff Summers.

“Since we became a standalone brand in 2009, it's been our goal to become a leader in the segment,” Summers tells Marketing Daily. “The momentum is behind the brand and more people are switching to Ram Truck than ever before. And we thought, through a campaign, how do you bring that to life in a really fresh, memorable way?”



The claim that the brand is attracting conquest customers is verified via registration data, he says. 

“We look at loyalty and those numbers are as strong as they've ever been,” he says. “So not only are we keeping every customer that comes into the brand or a lot of them, more so than anyone else in the industry, we're also pulling from the competition.”

The media buy includes college football and NFL. In addition, a dozen 15-second and 6-second short vignettes featuring similar “moments” will run across social media. 

“Over the years, we've been very authentic and genuine in the messaging that we put in the market,” Summers says. " So if we are gonna take a little bit of a fresher approach, we wanted to make sure that the storylines, the scenes represented, are honest and truthful. And a lot of the times those happen with a smile. People can see themselves in (those moments.)”

Unlike some previous notable Ram spots which featured actor Jeremy Renner, this body of work features a new male voice, he says. 

“We use a number of voices for the brand depending on the creative approach,” Summers says. “The voiceover chosen for this work best suited this campaign. We will continue to choose the appropriate voice depending on the creative and message.”

Ram Truck also recently broke a 60-second spot, “Believe,” for the Hispanic market from The Richards Group.

"As we think about the future of Ram, as we think about where we're going as a brand, we're thinking about how we position to the next generation,” Summers says. “We’re seeing that people are younger, they’re more diverse, there's higher household income in the truck segments than ever before.”

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