Teads Platform Adds CTV

After a successful, year-long beta program, Teads has added connnected TV (CTV) to its cloud-based multichannel programmatic advertising platform. 

Teads is launching the CTV solution in the U.S., with additional territories to begin rolling out later this year. 

Users of the platform can now buy across CTV, mobile and desktop through the Teads platform, to reach nearly 2 billion monthly unique users through a premium-content marketplace. 

Teads — known for its proprietary inRead video and display formats that insert ads into editorial content — says it added CTV through existing content partners, including Scripps. 

The CTV solution offers creative optimization, interactivity, omnichannel frequency capping, remarketing and omnichannel attention measurement. 

Teads also recently launched an Attention Program designed to enhance omnichannel attention measurement.



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