Razorfish Expands Web3 Offerings To Help Brands Navigate The Future

Publicis Groupe digital agency Razorfish unveiled three new web3 brand-offerings on Wednesday. Each of these capabilities is designed to translate disruption in the marketing landscape into new opportunities for brands to connect with customers in emerging web3 spaces. 

Over the past year, Razorfish has taken the future of web3 seriously. The agency has not only created executive roles devoted to web3, but named a chief metaverse officer (who is an avatar), and partnered with major brands such as Samsung to help boost its web3 presence. 

The company’s newest web3 offerings -- Razorfish Reef, Wave, and Drop -- represent the latest expansion of the agency’s web3 capability.

Razorfish Reef is a dedicated web3 production studio that aims to deliver “radically relevant” content-at-scale, according to a recent statement. This includes immersive consumer experiences, virtual influencer marketing, AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, metaverse marketplace commerce, and more. 

Razorfish Wave is a methodology that will be used to blend human and machine-based community building and management across web2/web3 experiences. The agency said this will “power the continuous, 24/7 moderation required by platforms where always-on user behavior is standard.”

Razorfish Drop is an agile, portable, and complete solution enabling brands to develop and sell real-time virtual goods and direct-to avatar commerce streams with relevance and scale. 

The agency has developed these new offerings to help brands navigate and utilize emerging web3 technologies. 

“Recent innovation in commerce, gaming, and social media have catalyzed a cultural shift, where people’s digital lives are more immersive than ever, and experience is everything,” says Cristina Lawrence, executive vice president, consumer & content experience. “That’s where Razorfish comes in.”

“Web3 is the new frontier of digital and represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands in the massive, expanding, and untapped growth potential that these new offerings will unlock for our clients’ businesses,” added president of Razorfish Josh Campo.  

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