LG Strives To Be NFT Innovation Leader, Forms New Partnership With Web3 Platform Fr0ntierX

Following the launch of its television-accessible NFT marketplace in September, LG has announced a global partnership with Web3 infrastructure platform Fr0ntierX to deliver interactive smart-screen NFT integrations and experiences in retail environments, events, and more.

The partnership will focus on building Web3 integrations for LG LED and other LG digital signage solutions running on the webOS operating system, aiming to enable a new class of possibilities for brands and users to explore while maximizing NFT utility. 

Customers will now be able to browse, purchase, display and interact with NFTs -- what LG has deemed “an unrivaled experience” in a recent statement.

And is built around Fr0ntierX’s suite of software solutions and an application that allows for secure authentication of NFTs onscreen. 

“Fr0ntierX offers a unique solution to address all aspects of our vertical markets -- ground-breaking software, 100% carbon neutral NFTs with webOS integration and a suite of white-labeled applications and possibilities,” says Richard Topping, enterprise sales head at LG Electronics Business Solutions, Europe. 

Topping believes this partnership will help LG become “the global leader” in NFT innovation and integration.

This world-leading NFT integration partnership will inspire, lead and support growth in the residential sector. 

LG has also claimed that collaborating with Fr0ntierX will result in the world’s first-ever Proof of Attendance Protocol (PoAP) enabled on the LG One Quick Flex smart-TV.

According to Coindesk, PoAP’s are a unique NFT given to people as a way to commemorate and prove they attended an event. Over time people can collect PoAPs to document their experiences in real and cyber life.

LG says that on the Quick Flex, PoAPs will appear as photos or short videos of the attendee as memory stamps sent directly to a digital wallet, similar to a slideshow. 

Co-founder of Fr0ntierX Zak Manhire says that display solutions such as these are the perfect medium for brands in Web3 to “galvanize mass adoption” and realize “NFT opportunities.”

Available in markets worldwide starting October 2022, Fr0ntierX software is integrated with LG LED and other LG digital signage solutions running on webOS.

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