Clearbit Unveils Intent Data Platform

B2B intelligence platform Clearbit has launched a tool called Capture that it says can identify prospects showing intent.  

Clearbit Audiences helps marketers define audience segments that matched their ideal customer profile (ICP) based on 100+ company attributes.

In addition, Clearbit’s IP Intelligence tool, Reveal, allows them to see when buyers are visiting a pricing page, reading product reviews or showing other signs of intent. 

Clearbit CMO Kevin Tate says Capture can take the company's intent data and use that to generate and utilize "key buyer contacts for marketing and sales teams to engage at just the right time."

“Clearbit Capture creates new leads from previously unknown website visitors, based on our ICP, and pushes those leads instantaneously into Salesforce,” says Elkin Alzate, senior director of engineering, “This allows our sales team to reach out to a company within minutes of them visiting our site.” 

“To be able to see which accounts are visiting our website and then get contacts that we can prioritize and engage to drive a more qualified pipeline is incredibly useful,” adds Ana Brandt, revenue operations leader at Abacum.



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