Litmus Unveils Email Testing Tools, Works With Klaviyo

Litmus has debuted new tools that it says will help brands improve their pre-send email testing and personalization -- and it has launched an integration with Klaviyo. 

The new Klaviyo integration, Litmus Extension, enables users to test emails -- including those with dynamic, personalized content -- from the Klaviyo platform without switching between tools.

Litmus is also offering Email Testing Profiles that support customization throughout the email building and testing process, the company says. 

"Email is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy and it's essential to reaching business goals," says Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. 

Nierenberg adds: "With inboxes more crowded than ever, we know ensuring emails are error-free and uniquely personalized is of utmost importance.



The new features include: 

- A redesigned Litmus Personalize Explore Gallery, that allows users to tailor emails for every step of the customer journey.

- New Email Client Support, which assesses where subscribers view emails. This includes support for the latest Apple iPhone devices.

One Litmus client is ShopStyle. Todd Crow, email developer at ShopStyle, says: "Email Testing Profiles keeps my focus on quality and consistency, letting me create error-free emails faster than ever."


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