Validity Welcomes Several Data Tech Firms To Its Partner Program

Data and  email marketing platform Validity has expanded its partner program to include the following companies: The Hunley Group, LLC, Admin Within, Data Therapy, Compound Growth Marketing, Provisions Group, AIQUEOUS, Eigen X, and B2B Fusion Group.

The goal is to “reach deeper into the market, create a more robust ecosystem of partners across multiple verticals and geographies, and increase partners’ customer retention,” states Karen Friedrich, senior vice president of global channels at Validity.  

Validity says that ignoring such problems as malformed content, missing engagement points and unnecessary data can cost brands up to 10% of annual revenue.

The new partners are gaining access to Validity’s suite of products, helping them to build services-based recurring revenue. Several have already used Validity. 

“Since our founding, Hunley Group has believed that maintaining good data quality in a CRM is core to successful adoption and effectiveness of the platform,” says Aaron Ayer, partner and founder of The Hunley Group, LLC.   



Ayer adds, “We’ve stress tested all the usual suspect tools; the capabilities of Validity are hands down the best. Validity is the only third party tool we recommend to clients on every single Salesforce proposal.” 

For its part, Data Therapy LLC has “utilized Validity’s DemandTools products for all our CRM data needs since 2006 across hundreds of Salesforce instances,” says Theresa DeRycke, owner and Data Therapist at Data Therapy. 

DeRycke adds: “The only way to manage massive amounts of data is by leveraging leading solutions, like those Validity provides. Through their support, our team is able to seamlessly manage our CRM data, ultimately boosting our customer engagement strategy.”

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