Coca-Cola Creates Short Film, Campaign To Educate Consumers About Sustainability Through Music

The Coca-Cola Company teamed up with musical legends Mark Ronson and Madlib to launch the Recycled Records campaign. They are known for recycling sound.

The campaign introduces an original EP, made up of the sounds taken from the company’s bottle-to-bottle recycling process, along with a versatile sound library and short film.

The EP sound library and short film are hosted on an interactive microsite where fans can use the digital beat machine to remix the same samples that Mark Ronson and Madlib used to make their own music. 

“While the transition away from green plastic is one of many steps needed to drive a circular economy and won’t solve the plastic waste crisis on its own, we know we have a responsibility to keep evolving the design of our packaging and this is one of several steps we’re taking to do so,” Kurt Ritter, The Coca-Cola Company’s vice president and general manager of sustainability in North America, in an email to Inside Performance.



As part of the campaign, the team created a short film to educate consumers. The film shows viewers how clear plastic recycling is similar to musical sampling through the lens of multiple uses through a behind-the-scenes look at Madlib and Mark Ronson’s creative process in the studio.

Ritter explained how the microsite tracks basic information such as page visits, user navigation, and traffic sources. The microsite does not track any personal information such as IP addresses and cookie banners. It anonymizes users.

Andre Bato produced the campaign with Web design and development by WØRKS. The campaign launched on Tuesday on Coca-Cola-owned digital channels, partner channels and earned media. It will continue into 2023. 

“As a global beverage company, we at The Coca-Cola Company recognize our responsibility to help address the world's plastic packaging waste crisis,” Ritter wrote. “With that knowledge, we created a sustainable goals initiative that is helping to create change by driving a circular economy, World Without Waste.”

This initiative includes goals around increasing the use of recycled content, reducing virgin plastic production, and robust plastic reusability targets.

Sprite, Fresca and Seagram’s bottles made the switch from green to clear plastic earlier this year. To continue building awareness of the transition from green to clear plastic, Coca-Cola tapped into its consumers’ passion for music to create a fun way to understand what this switch means for the closed loop recycling process. Through the campaign the company hopes consumers will feel good about purchasing the new clear versions of their favorite Coca-Cola beverages.

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