Vizio Is First Smart TV To Offer Interactive Ads, On Its WatchFree+ FAST

Vizio is integrating interactive advertising capabilities in its WatchFree+ free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) service, via a partnership with Brightline.

Vizio is using Brightline’s Accelerator program, which is already used to enable dynamic and shoppable ads on Hulu, Peacock, Discovery+ and other platforms.

The new deal marks the first smart TV integration for Accelerator and makes Vizio the first smart-TV manufacturer to enable advertisers to make their ads interactive and shoppable, according to the companies.

Vizio’s current ad load will not be expanded. Instead, advertisers can use the interactive tech to enhance existing 30-second ads within WatchFree+, which is available free on Vizio TVs, and offers more than 6,000 on-demand movies and shows across hundreds of channels. 

Advertisers can also opt to extend existing Accelerator-formatted ads to the WatchFree+ platform. 



The Vizio inventory will be available through direct deals with Vizio Ads and can be accessed through managed service and programmatic channels.

Users can use their Vizio remotes to engage and shop with brands. For example, an ad might include trivia questions that prompt viewers to click for the answer, or the ability to let viewers choose the background and/or color of the product by scrolling through options, or shop a catalog though an interactive brochure.

BrightLine says that more than 20% of homes exposed to Accelerator ads in a given month choose to engage with them, and that the technology also lets Vizio and other user platforms provide advertisers with more engagement-based metrics.

Advertisers will spend more than $100 million on ads in Accelerator formats this year, according to BrightLine.

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