Emplifi Debuts AI Tool For Creating Social-Media Copy

Customer experience platform Emplifi has introduced a tool that it claims helps brands generate ready-to-publish social media copy.  

The new offering, AI Composer, is integrated within Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud and supports the OpenAI GPT-3 framework.

The goal is to “make it easier for marketers to curate relevant and engaging social media content tailored for their audiences,” says Todd McCaslin, chief technology offier at Emplifi.

McCaslin adds: “OpenAI GPT-3 APIs have improved software performance and accuracy with iterative query and learning capabilities that streamline tasks and deliver insights to help professionals work more intelligently.” 

According to Emplifi, AI Composer includes such features as: 

  • Omnichannel flexibility — Ready-to-publish social media copy tailored to specific channels. 
  • Human-led content — Includes customization options such as tone or voice, use of emojis and hashtags and relevant questions.
  •  Performance analytics — Analyzing competitive content and market trends.

“GPT-3 will allow content creators to avoid the churn and burn-out associated with online ‘content farms,’” says Heather Hershey, research director, IDC. “Marketing teams can spend less time rapidly generating content to appease social media algorithms and more time on strategy and quality engagements.




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