Uberall Announces New ChatGPT-Integrated Digital Revenue Assistant

ChatGPT continues to make its way into search –– this time, to address customer questions across top listings sites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Digital marketing platform Uberall has announced the integration of OpenAI's generative chatbot ChatGPT across its local marketing platform Uberall CoreX to uncover revenue opportunities and help brands drive customer loyalty, sales, and efficiency through messaging, reviews and local inventory solutions, the company says.

“As a multi-location business, responding to customers' inquiries across hundreds or even thousands of business profiles and social channels throughout the web is a daunting task,” says Ana Martinez, Uberall CTO, adding that “it is a perfect problem for next gen AI like ChatGPT to solve.”



Uberall is known for helping major multi-location brick-and-mortar brands like KFC and Shell manage listings across top listing websites and services. The company claims that by utilizing ChatGPT, its customers can manage and discover business opportunities they may have overlooked.

AI chat has recently become a popular way for brands to chat with would-be customers. According to a Google report, 75% of consumers say they prefer to engage with brands via chat, instead of traditional channels.

However, brands may be struggling to stay on top of their messages. According to an Uberall report, 72% of businesses are not actively managing chat on their local Google Business Profiles.

Uberall believes that unanswered questions are a negative for would-be customers and can also hurt shopper loyalty, but “with ChatGPT, listing responses can be automated in real-time -- across hundreds or thousands of listings.”

More specifically, the company says it will use ChatGPT to reveal revenue opportunities from online customer interactions on Google chat or Q&A, Instagram or Facebook Messenger, a corporate site or local web page.

Uberall says its AI model will be trained to initiate conversations and provide personal recommendations, allowing retailers with brick-and-mortar options to promote locally in-stock products online. The digital revenue assistant is also programmed to promote local offers and discounts, respond to reviews online, and help customers from Google, Messenger and other channels make a reservation or booking.

As more companies decide to integrate OpenAI's technology into their platforms and business models, “efficiency” appears to be the priority.

On Monday, HubSpot announced two new OpenAI-enabled tools to help marketing teams “work smarter, not harder” when creating content and making sales. However, many marketers are wary of these integrations, worried they may limit creativity and/or replace them altogether.

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