6sense Launches Tool To Streamline B2B Sales

6sense has debuted a solution to help B2B sales teams prioritize and reach out to in-market accounts through email and other means.  

The new product, 6sense Revenue AI for Sales, is designed to help sellers “spend more time selling and less time on unproductive activities,” said Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO.  

Research shows that overburdened salespeople spend only 28% of their time selling. 

According to 6sense, Revenue AI for Sales provides:

  • Recommended Actions — AI-based prioritized recommendations for account engagement. 
  • Persona Map — allows teams to access a visual map of an account's buying team to help in the creation of multithreading plans. 
  • People & Company pages — provides views of company hierarchy, job insights, technographic and psychographic data. Teams can utilize these contacts and accounts through CRM or email, a call, or LinkedIn.
  • Chrome Extension — offers sellers contact data and insights to uncover potential buyers.  
  • Prioritization Dashboards — Personalized dashboards inform sellers about in-market accounts. 
  • Alerts — Sales reps can receive individual alerts in Slack or email with insights into account activity.



One user, Trend Micro, took a “hard look at the data within our account structures” as it shifted some of its sales activities, said Ashleigh Ford, director of marketing operations at Trend Micro. “Some of our sales teams were handed new accounts where 56% of the contact data was missing,” Ford added. With 6sense's Revenue AI for Sales, Ford said, its sales team can now see “both prioritized accounts and contacts in personas that are buying from us." 

Similarly, Bombora’s use of Revenue AI will "boost growth strategies and high-quality pipeline during a time when sellers and GTM leaders need it the most,” said Charles Crnoevich, senior vice president of partnerships and business Development at Bombora. 

Crnoevich added that the launch showcases 6sense’s innovation and reflects Bombora’s goal to provide "a complete view of B2B buyer behavior in the market.”

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