Highway To.....Heal?

When AC/DC is played in the operating room, surgical teams are more efficient, recent clinical research has shown.

That was part of the impetus behind a partnership between health care agency Klick Health and medical community platform and event organizer NextMed Health to create “Lifesaving Radio,” billed as the first AI-driven radio station designed to improve surgical efficiency.

The effort was unveiled earlier this week at the NextMed Health conference which explores the future of health and medicine.

The station features “Highway To Heal,” an homage to AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” album and includes 11 of the Aussie rock band’s biggest hits (rewritten and played by cover groups), along with other rock hits similar in beat and tempo.

The station also features AI-created DJ host “Angus,” another tribute to AC/DC, whose co-founder and lead guitarist is Angus Young.



Highway to Heal previews are available on The album and DJ AI Angus will begin offering free customized audio experiences in April.

Klick Health developed the concept for NextMed Health. In addition to writing the lyrics, producing the music, and bringing together talent, the health marketing agency created AI Angus and the AI healthcare radio station to “personalize the OR experience while maximizing surgical efficiency,” the agency said.

They also created a limited-edition vinyl in classic hospital-scrub blue to mark the launch. The record’s cover art features an illuminated metal scalpel, stylized in the shape of a lightning bolt and engraved with “SR/GN," also a play on AC/DC and standing for surgeon.

NextMed Health Founder & Chair Daniel Kraft, M.D., stated,  “This project brings to life research validating that AC/DC’s music elevates efficiencies in the operating room. It also leverages AI in a unique and engaging way that gives surgical teams a truly customized OR experience–all in support of improving health outcomes.”

And who can’t forget another AC/DC album, “If You Want Blood You Got It,” whose cover featured Young impaled on his own guitar. Let’s have none of that in the OR please.

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