Factoreal Debuts WhatsApp Chat Capability

Customer engagement platform Factoreal has launched a product to help brands acquire and retain customers via WhatsApp Business and their company websites. 

The new product, Agent App, provides firms with chat routing capabilities that Factoreal says can lead to an improved customer experience. 

Factoreal cites research from J.D. Power showing that 42% of customers prefer live chat compared to 23% for email and 16% for social media or forums.  

According to the company, Agent App enables users to:

- Monitor bot and live-chat conversations 

- Talk to customers in real-time 

- View the customer's profile and full-timestamp transcripts 

- Receive alerts when customers need to talk. 

Email marketing can play a role in communicating chat availability and driving these conversations. And few experts argue that any channel can be dispensed with, let alone email.

WhatsApp, launched by Meta in 2018, now has more than 2 billion global users. 

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