Mitto Forms Integration With Shopify As Study Shows Acceptance Of Texts

Mitto, a Switzerland-based omnichannel communications platform, has formed an integration with Shopify to facilitate two-way application-to-person messaging (A2P), or bulk texts, with ecommerce customers. 

The news comes as Mitto reports that most consumers respond to SMS/text reminders when they have unpurchased items in their shopping cart. 

The arrangement with Shopify is designed to arm merchants “with direct messaging capabilities to engage in the types of meaningful two-way conversations customers want,” says Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto.  



The integration combines Shopify’s reach -- over 4.4 million websites use Shopify for ecommerce and Mitto’s SMS/text capabilities.   

The Mitto survey determined that 93% of U.S. consumers leave at one item in their online cart for a period of time before purchasing. But 73% are likely to return to the abandoned cart after receiving a text reminder. 

Message-based reminders work better with Millennials and Gen Z, 78% of whom are likely to return to an abandoned cart, versus 71% of shoppers ages 55+.

Overall, 71% of consumers would appreciate more follow-up SMS reminders of abandoned carts. In addition, 51% prefer one-click links that direct them back to the cart.  

Another 54% say discounts are the most effective lure to get them back to an abandoned cart, while 30% cite discounted shipping, 

In general, 42% favor the short format of SMS/text messages. 

“The ongoing rise in online shopping has led to a growing problem for e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment. However, as our research has shown, SMS reminders have the ability to bring customers back into their carts and often through to purchase,” Giacomini concludes. 

Mitto surveyed 1,000 consumers in March.




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