Comscore Expands 48-Hour Measurement To All Local TV Markets

Comscore is expanding its 48-hour reporting "Pulse" measurement service for all local TV stations -- and national TV networks -- in all 210 markets. This means Comscore can post data 48 hours after content airs in all markets.

Previously, Comscore offered Pulse in the top 60 media markets, and in about half of those markets, advertisers and TV station clients could also get campaign pacing or demographic viewing-level data.

While national TV networks have been using Nielsen, which can measure “overnight” ratings, Comscore says viewing data for local TV stations has never been available this quickly.

Pulse says it offers the “enhanced ability to optimize campaigns with data that provides 93% predictability.”

Pulse data gets zip-code level data from cable set-top boxes.

“Our measurement is now the only solution to report viewing in 48 hours for every local TV market, and nationally with the same single source methodology regardless of the market,” says Carol Hinnant, chief revenue officer of Comscore, in a release.

Comscore has been selected -- along with VideoAmp -- by Warner Bros. Discovery as a preferred currency provider for this year’s TV upfront.



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