Tetris Hops On The Web3 Bandwagon With New Brand Rewards Program

Tetris, one of the most iconic video games of all time, is hopping on the Web3 bandwagon. The 40-year-old block-moving puzzle game announced the rollout of a new loyalty program that will earn players in-game points they can redeem for real-world rewards like a one-month Apple TV+ subscription. 

The loyalty program was created by PlayStudios, maker of other popular mobile games like Sudoku and Spider Solitaire. It is launching alongside a new Tetris film which will officially drop on Apple TV+ on March 31. The film originally premiered at SXSW. 

PlayStudios has integrated its playAwards program with a wide-variety of entertainment and leisure brands, including MGM, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Wolfgang Puck, and now Apple. According to a press release, playAwards currently reaches 12 million monthly active users, a number the company thinks will increase once its rewards program is integrated into more of its mobile games.

To cash in on activities offered by PlayStudios’ partnered brands, and watch Tetris for free, players will can take on daily Tetris missions and challenges, winning redeemable points along the way. 

According to AppleInsider, players must earn 2,000 points to earn the free Apple TV+ subscription, which only takes a few moments. However, the free trial is only available for new subscribers and must be redeemed by June 8, 2023. 


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