Dentsu Finds Consumer Awareness Of Web3 Growing, Confusion About What It Is

Web3 -- a catchall for an array of blockchain-enabled next-generation digital media platforms and applications -- may be one of the media industry’s favorite new jargon terms, but how savvy are consumers about it? A

ccording to new research from Dentsu, it has at least garnered significant attention among Japanese consumers.

This morning, Dentsu released findings of a survey of 3,000 Japanese respondents conducted in November 2022, which found that nearly a third (29.7%) of the population are at least aware of the concept of Web3. Among younger consumers ages 15-19, Web3 awareness surges to nearly half (48.6%).

“Respondents expect Web3 to improve information security, prevent unilateral changes to related rules, and facilitate cross-platform use of tools, while the most knowledgeable respondents have big expectations for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs [digital autonomous organizations]),” the report notes, adding that the most common Web3 concerns among respondents are probably the same as industry insiders: “The lack of public understanding, information security risks, and slow progress in updating relevant laws.”



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