Chevrolet Enlists Kara Swisher To Promote EVs

Chevrolet has found a legitimate pitch person in journalist Kara Swisher, who drives a Chevrolet Bolt EV “in real life.”

The General Motors brand is teaming up with Vox Media’s content studio, Vox Creative, to promote their electric vehicles via custom spots featuring Swisher. 

The audio segments will run across both of Swisher’s shows on the Vox Media Podcast Network, “On with Kara Swisher” and “Pivot.”

Recorded from the privacy of her Chevrolet EV, each 90-second segment gives listeners a peek into some of Swisher’s off-duty moments. 

From being able to charge her car with any electrical outlet, to hands-free calls for her on-the-go business meetings. Swisher shares some of her favorite features of her Bolt EV, and how she’s adapting to being an EV owner. 



In one of the segments, Swisher talks about what prompted her to buy a Bolt and how she now laughs at people when she passes gas stations. 

In a second spot she talks about how the Bolt is the perfect vehicle for her life. In a third spot she talks about how easy it is to find places to charge, except in the one spot where her nemesis “juice hog” parks.  

Some of Vox Creative’s most effective campaigns marry a host’s interests with the goals for brand partners, says Annu Subramanian, executive producer of audio at Vox Creative.

Using Swisher in the spots makes for a “sincere and organic partnership” and allows Chevrolet “to authentically meet their target audience where they already are, with someone they already trust,” Subramanian says.

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