Firm Offers Generative AI Tool For Creating B2B Cold Emails, a generative AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, has launched a tool that it says automates personalized cold email creation. 

The new tool, Rapid Writer, helps sellers “understand the next best action to take with all of their prospects and deliver a human first buying experience without sacrificing reach," says Matt Millen, co-Founder and president of says that drastically reducing email creation time per email gives sales teams more time for prospecting, making calls and other types of multichannel outreach.

Millen notes that the company seeks to help "sales professionals communicate and connect with their buyers in a more human way.”

The company cites statistic showing that the average response rate of emails with advanced personalization is 17%, versus 7% for those without. 

According to the company, the main benefits of Rapid Writer are:

  • Reducing time-per-manual email
  • Reducing time-per-manual email
  • Guardrailing the AI
  • Exposing email insights & analytics

In addition, the firm claims that its AI models are built on best practices from over 55 million email data points, while also learning from “target personas and their pain points and value props," says Srinath Sridhar, co-Founder and CEO of


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