TikTok Rewards AR Effect Creators With New Program

TikTok has announced the “Effect Creator Rewards” fund to help creators monetize the “high-performing effects” they make on the app’s augmented reality (AR) development platform, Effect House. 

The $6 million dollar fund -- which is now available to creators in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom -- will offer payments to creators based on the community’s engagement with their effects. 

“At launch, for every effect that’s used in 500K unique videos within 90 days of being published, a creator will collect $700,” TikTok wrote in a recent statement. “For every 100K videos published thereafter within the same 90 days, creators will collect an additional $140.”

TikTok added that when it launched the Effect House in beta last year, its goal was to equip designers, developers and creators with resources to help build dynamic effects for the platform. “Our investment in Effect Creator Rewards furthers that commitment,” the company said.

The announcement comes just weeks after TikTok officially launched its revamped “Creativity Program Beta” to all eligible creators (18 years of age with at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the past month) in the U.S., France and Brazil, which aims to help creators generate more money on the app. 

Effect Creator Rewards and the revamped Creativity Program have launched alongside other TikTok monetization tools, such as LIVE subscriptions and TikTok Pulse, which is the first advertising product that involves a revenue share with creators. 

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