Instagram Might Release A Twitter Rival App In June

Meta's new Twitter rival may be launching this June, according to a Substack post from social media marketer and CMO Lia Haberman.

Known currently as “P92” or “Barcelona,” the text-app may be decentralized -- like Mastodon, which gained popularity after Elon Musk bought Twitter -- and accessible through Instagram.

Haberman's information stems from a screenshot slide of the product and discussions with a creator involved in “secret calls” with Meta about the app, which they said is being described as “Instagram for your thoughts.”

According to the Substack post, users will be able to sign into the app with their Instagram username and password, allowing their followers, handle, bio and verification to transfer over to the decentralized app.

“In one tap, anyone can follow the accounts they follow on Instagram,” reads the screenshot, highlighting a significant advantage of the app over other Twitter competitors, depending on the seamlessness of the process and the effectiveness of the app in general.

Users will then see a feed where they can create text posts capped at 500 characters with the option to attach links, photos and videos up to 5 minutes long. Like Twitter, they will also be able to engage with likes, replies and reposts.

“The decentralized app is built on the back of Instagram but will be compatible with some other apps like Mastodon,” writes Haberman, noting that users on other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with P92 users’ profile and content.

In addition, Haberman says, the new app will have various creator controls and safety features allowing users to control replies and mentions and block or report spam. Accounts that users have already blocked on Instagram will transfer over, two-factor authentication will be enabled and “the same IG community guidelines will be enforced.”

As for ads, Haberman notes that there are currently no monetization plans being shared and suggests brands and advertisers to expect “an organic social strategy.”

Meta's plans to build a decentralized Twitter competitor first surfaced in March when the company stated that it believes “there’s an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests.”

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