New Platform From Allant Provides No-Code Analytics, Firm Says

Allant Group LLC has launched an audience-management platform that it says provides no-code, reporting, analytics, segmentation and data processing.  

The new tool, AMP+, features a query engine that provides marketers with train-of-thought analysis as they work in a granular agile environment, the company says.

The goal is to “simplify the complex ingestion of large and less-than-clean data sources so they can be activated without the necessity of writing SQL by the busy marketer themselves,” says Keith Scheer, senior vice president, product & innovation at Allant Group. 

"The challenge 'Marketing Clouds' continue to create is their inability to make data easily accessible and manageable for marketers," Scheer says.

Among other things, AMP+ connects to channel-agnostic campaign delivery providers such as email and SMS, the company says.

In addition, the platform allows marketers to gain quick access to data sources such as the U.S. Census and understands how their audiences and campaigns profile against it.  

According to the company, the platform also allows marketers to: 

  • Perform changes without moving data to another system 
  • Dig  into stats and predictive analytics in a drag-and-drop tool without writing SQL
  • Record actions and turn them into a repeatable script or process.
  • Create and publish business intelligence-style reports 
  • Pursue privacy-compliant match capabilities for data hygiene and identity resolution through the company’s identity graph. 

Allant Group is a VntCap Technologies LLC company.




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