Firms Now Focused On Driving Value From Their Customer Data, Study Finds

Businesses are lining up to get more value of their data, judging by a new study by Tamr, Inc., conducted by Propeller Insights.

Of the companies polled, 78% are now focused on improving customer data quality and breaking down data silos. They also seek to get more value out of their data. 

For instance, 69% say business value is key metric for measuring the success of data products, second to user experience. And 74% would advise other companies to develop a strategy that focuses on business value.

"With regards to customer data, changing customer buying behavior created an influx of data for businesses to comb through," says Anthony Deighton, data products general manager at Tamr. 

Deighton adds: "Companies leading the pack in winning buyers and increasing customer loyalty are doing so by solving the customer data problem."

Tamr commissioned Propeller Insights to conduct the research. Over 500 participants were surveyed, 64% of them in business departments. 


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