DemandSkill, AI-Based B2B Platform, Emerges From Stealth

DemandSkill, an AI-powered sales and marketing pipeline acceleration platform, has emerged from stealth with private funding from angel investors.

The platform leverages natural-language processing, semantic analysis, and intent algorithms to identify high-value prospects ready to buy, the company says.  

Amy Bartulis Winchell has been tapped as managing director of the company.

Previously, Bartulis Winchell held senior sales leadership positions with INFUSEMedia, The Register / The Next Platform, International Data Group (IDG), 1105 Media, UBM Channel, and HPCWire.

The new platform leverages data from email marketing, telemarketing, digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts from trade shows, webinars, and public take clients from strategy sessions through to execution lead QA and reporting.

The goal is to provide “a strategic advantage that offers greater flexibility and customization that fits the best way to engage their prospects and turn them into customers,” Bartulis Winchell says.

Sales organizations that have embraced AI “have proven to close more deals, generate more revenue and experience higher customer traffic and content engagement than those who haven’t,” Bartulis Winchell says.



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