Apple: Now There's An X App For That

One week after Twitter rebranded itself as  “X” by switching out the social media app’s classic blue bird logo with the crisscrossed letter, Apple accepted the new name on its App Store.

After changing its title and uploading the new logo on iOS and Android apps last week, X had trouble rebranding on the App Store due to the Connect portal, which shows an error message when developers attempt to use one character as an app name. 

“Apple does not permit any app to have a single character as their app name,” tweeted developer Nick Sheriff. If they manage to obtain approval, it would mark the first instance since the inception of the iOS App Store that such a permission has been granted.”

On Monday, Apple made an exception for Elon Musk’s app, which derives its name change from PayPal’s original name, as well as Musk’s X Holdings Corp., which he merged with Twitter in April. 

Along with its name change on Apple’s App Store, X also altered its tagline from “Let’s talk” to “Blaze Your Glory!!” 

Musk has also made it clear that Twitter Blue –– the social app’s subscription service –– will soon become X Blue. 

Right before Apple allowed Twitter to rebrand on its store, an unrelated app named X (which incorporated an invisible character to circumvent Apple’s character limits) voluntarily renamed itself, alerting users in its description that it is not affiliated with Twitter/X and will give up its previous name. 

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