Apple TV+ Makes Gains In 'Demand Share,' Netflix Still Dominates

Apple TV+'s high-performing streaming originals programming such as “Ted Lasso" has helped it make strong moves against other streaming platforms when it comes to “demand share" according to Parrot Analytics. 

Apple TV+ is at a  8.3% demand share in the second quarter of this year in the U.S. -- just behind Amazon Prime Video (8.6%).

Both Apple and Amazon Prime Video are well behind industry leader Netflix at 36.3%.

Parrot defines 'demand share' as user data gathered from daily "expressions" of demand in over 100 languages in more than 200 countries. Those expressions come from over two billion people who "interact with content and talent" -- activities, interactions, and behaviors.

Data comes from search engines, wikis and informational sites, fan and critic ratings sites, social video sites, blogs and micro-blogging sites, social media platforms, peer-to-peer apps and open streaming platforms.



Apple TV+ has been boosted by its full-year results in 2022, when it had 6.9% demand share -- in fifth place overall.  The only other streamer to show an increase over the period was Hulu -- now at 7.2%, (up from 7.0%).

Top other streamers declined including Netflix, at 36.3% (41.1% for full 2022 year); Prime Video at 8.6% (9.0%); and Disney at 7.3% (8.0%).

For Apple TV+, “Ted Lasso'' posted the streamer’s highest demand share -- with a “69.88 times score”--  the difference from the demand of an average title in a specific market. Other high-performing Apple TV+ originals include “Silo” (36.17x), “Severance” (28.72x), “See” (26.45x); and “For All Mankind” (24.54x).

For the most recent June weekly period (June 12-18), “Ted Lasso” came in fourth place in total viewing minutes (529 million) for streaming original programming, according to Nielsen.

Netflix dominated the top ten list of originals -- getting eight shows on the list. Netflix’ “Black Mirror” was the top original, posting 1.4 billion minutes.

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  1. Jack Wakshlag from Media Strategy, Research & Analytics, August 2, 2023 at 1:24 p.m.

    so, to ask what many others probably are asking -- what exactly is "an expression of demand" and exactly where (what websites?) are these expressions observed?

  2. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, August 2, 2023 at 1:54 p.m.

    Jack, you are starting to sound like me---what's with the questions? Obviously "expressions of demand" means log-ins---or, maybe time spent---or, perhaps "completion rates"--or---??? As for where the data comes from that's pretty clear as well---it's based on 1.5 billion "expressions" per day collected and tabulated by the research firm---or, maybe thay have some sort of panel---perhaps a sampling of websites, or maybe not---but any way that's a lot of data isn't it?

  3. Jack Wakshlag from Media Strategy, Research & Analytics replied, August 2, 2023 at 2:13 p.m.

    Only way to know if this is a nothingburger is to know why I should care. Am flattered you think I sound like you. 

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