Relo Metrics Integrates VideoAmp Viewership Data To Enhance Real-Time Sponsorship Metrics

Relo Metrics, an AI-powered sponsorship platform that helps clients determine their sponsorship ROI, is integrating VideoAmp’s data into its platform.

Sports-rights holders, media companies, brands and agencies an accurate, real-time resource for measuring the value of on-camera sponsorships and brand exposure during a live event.

Because sponsorship is varied — digital signage to apparel — Relo Metrics’ vision models track every logo visible to audiences— broadcast, streaming video and social media. The company says it serves 55% of North American tier one and tier two sports leagues, including the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS.

“We are creating a new measure of value based on highly accurate content viewing metrics along with demographic attributes. That allows us to present exposure value in terms of impressions, which is critical as the viewership continues to grow while fragmenting," said Jay Prasad, CEO at Relo Metrics.



According to Prasad, Relo Metrics plans to roll the service out to 75+ rights holders who are already customers, but all its North American customers will gain access.

Also, as legacy measurement and currency metrics fade out, VideoAmp’s data set increasingly focuses on planning, optimization and targeting.

Michael Parkes, president at VideoAmp, said the new alliance “gives brands and advertisers a clearer understanding of what their exposure looked like for a given event and what the value of that exposure was.” He adds it creates “more value for all parties in the advertising ecosystem.”

The companies believe the new collaboration will also enhance benchmarking data.

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