Paris Hilton Invites Her Fans To 'Sliv Together' In New Roblox Fan World

Media personality and Hilton Hotels heiress Paris Hilton has launched an immersive space for her fans in the popular metaverse platform called Roblox. “Slivingland” –– taken from Hilton’s personal catchphrase, “sliving” –– was co-founded with executive Bruce Gersh via the duo's media and IP company, 11:11 Media.

Slivingland is targeting the 70 million-plus people that follow Hilton across various social media platforms. In the Roblox world, they are expected to hang out and interact with Hilton-branded content, including music, podcasts, TV shows, films and partnered projects.

“Slivingland is not just a world; it's an immersive experience that embodies creativity, entertainment, and collaboration,” said 11:11 Media’s director of web3 and the metaverse Cynthia Miller.

Hilton added that she wants her fans to “sliv together” in the Roblox universe, treating the digital environment as an alternative meeting place to social media or the real world.

To kick things off, Hilton took to her Discord channel, hosting a community game night where she live streamed Slivingland gameplay and shared a promo code for players to get discounted Taco Bell items delivered to their homes via the chain's app.

In addition to Taco Bell, 11:11 Media has previously partnered with L’Oreal's Urban Decay, Hilton Hotels, Klarna, NBC, and iHeart Media.

Fans are also invited to a live DJ performance on August 25, during which they can virtually dance in Slivingland’s digital nightclub. The event will feature mini-games that users can play to unlock a series of digital fashion collectibles reminiscent of early 2000s styles, including pink headphones, choker necklaces, and a copy of Hilton's iconic pink “Sliving Suit.”

Users can unlock these items through September, the media company stated in a recent release.

This isn’t Hilton’s first Roblox world. In 2021, the celebrity launched “Paris World,” a virtual island featuring a replica of Hilton's Beverly Hills mansion (and dog mansion) where fans were invited to pay for virtual outfits or activities like jet-skiing around the island. Hilton performed a virtual DJ set there on New Year’s Eve.

“For me, the metaverse is somewhere that you can do everything you can do in real life in the digital world,” Hilton commented after launching Paris World. “Not everybody gets to experience that, so that's what we have been working together on.”

A year later, Hilton's media company tried out a similar fan-focused concept in another metaverse world-building platform called The Sandbox where she hosted virtual social and community events like rooftop parties in a copy of her Malibu mansion.

Now, Hilton is back on Roblox, having teamed up with Sawhorse Interactive, metaverse developers who have built virtual experiences for Elton John, Karlie Kloss, Alo Yoga, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Krysta Hauserman, chief marketing officer at 11:11 Media, told The Drum that Hilton’s activations across film, podcasts, fashion, music and virtual worlds positions the media company as a “mini Disney” more than an ad agency, with hopes to become “the most prominent and profitable female-led media and consumer products company in the world.”

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, August 16, 2023 at 2:18 a.m.

    Does anyone know where on the body is the Slivin Gland?

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