TikTok Celebrates Black Business Month With New Webinar Series

In celebration of Black Business Month 2023, TikTok is hosting a two-part webinar series highlighting top Black business owners and entrepreneurs on the platform as they discuss how brands can make use of various in-app tools to create inclusive marketing content while also expanding their audience.

On August 16 and August 23 a range of speakers, including company founders, CEOs and members from TikTok’s training and sales teams will share tips and tricks from their experiences using and working on the app.

The company explained that the webinar series aims to “support, empower, and showcase the creativity, innovation, and real impact that Black-owned businesses contribute to on and beyond TikTok.”

“You'll also learn from experts about TikTok advertising solutions and productivity tools to grow your business, nurturing customers and driving sales more efficiently and effectively,” the company added.

Those who choose to attend will receive an exclusive discount and onboarding support on TikTok’s Lark Enterprise plan, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance’s business management and messaging tool.

The company will likely push Lark in the webinar’s second installment, stating that after viewers take a “deep dive” into TikTok advertising, they will learn about how Lark could help them boost their brand’s potential on the app.

Over the past three years, TikTok has made a point to publicly support Black businesses during the month of August, launching a dedicated accelerator program in 2020 that aims to provide tools and resources for Black businesses and creators on the app, including a four-week virtual training and communal learning.

Despite the accelerator program running the past three years, TikTok has not announced its continuation for 2023. 

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