Nylas Debuts Gen AI-Powered Chatbot To Help Developers Leverage Large Language Models

Communications platform Nylas has unveiled a generative AI-powered chatbot to allow developers to leverage large language models with the Nylas platform.  

The new tool, Nylas Assist, communicates in languages including Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

The goal is to allow developers to “find everything they need to build and ship code without having to maneuver between various applications,” says Isaac Nassimi, senior vice president of product at Nylas.

According to the company, Nylas helps marketers:

  • Surface the right API documentation, guides, and code snippets, reducing the time commitment. 
  • Gain access to help center articles and best practices. 
  • Create a better developer experience by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple screens and applications. 
  • Reduce onboarding time for new developers.

Nylas provides access to email, calendar and contacts providers via a single API integration, the firm says.

“Context switching and a fragmented developer experience are two of the biggest hurdles that can impact developers and organizations ability to meet deadlines, increase user satisfaction, and drive ROI.” Nassimi says. 

Nassimi adds. “At the same time, individuals and teams are rapidly exploring and testing all the ways in which generative AI tools can help them to positively impact their daily workflows.”

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