BrightEdge Ushers In Next Era Of Generative AI-Driven SEO

BrightEdge on Wednesday released its latest technology based on generative artificial intelligence (GAI).

BrightEdge Copilot gives marketers a hands-on experience with GAI. It provides the ability to build uniquely crafted SEO-optimized webpage titles and descriptions in less time with greater accuracy to increase performance.

Carla Suarez, digital marketer at Stewart Insurance, says the new technology is a valuable resource "because it provides well-written and helpful suggestions which allow me to optimize my pages faster and more efficiently."

BrightEdge has been working closely with customers in limited release. Now the new technology is rolling out to all.

In an era where GAI and digital marketing coexist, BrightEdge's latest offering changes the future for SEO and creates a place where SEO is not just about algorithms, but about interaction and intelligence -- both artificial and human.

"The promise of generative AI isn't lost on today's leading brands," says Jim Yu, founder and executive chairman at BrightEdge. "It's about making operations leaner, shaving off costs, and increasing efficiency."



About 85% of BrightEdge new clients have embraced AI-driven tools within three months of coming on board.

"It says a lot about where the industry is heading," Yu says. 

According to the company, over 70% of marketers surveyed stated that having correct titles and meta descriptions is a key priority when bridging the gap between SEO and content workstream and performance.

BrightEdge Copilot solves for this situation by using GAI and integrating it directly into its platform.

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